Revolutionary Government.

October 10, 1793: The Convention declares that the government will be revolutionary by suspending the constitution until peace is reached.

Battle of Neerwinden

Battle of Neerwinden.

March 18: Battle of Neerwinden. The French evacuate the Netherlands. Headquarters of Valenciennes. The French situation in the Austrian Netherlands quickly fell, finishing the threat to the Dutch Republic and allowing Austria to recover control of its lost province. The War of the First Coalition commitment was battled at Neerwinden,…

The uprising in the Vendee

The uprising in the Vendée.

March 7: The Convention declares war against Spain. Also, the beginning of the counter-revolutionary uprising in the Vendée and Brittany. The armed uprising against the rule of the Convention, particularly against conscription into the army, begins in the Vendée region of west-central France.

The uprisings in Paris grew.

February 21st, 1793: France declares war on England and Holland. February 24th, 1793: The Convention decrees the levy en masse of 300,000 men for national defense. The following month, this measure led to massive uprisings in Brittany and Vendée, marking the start of the Vendée wars.  

French Revolution Timeline
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