Coup d'état of 18 Brumaire by BONAPARTE

Coup d’état of by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Bonaparte speaks first to the upper house of parliament, explaining the need for a change in government. The Council listens in silence and votes to accept Bonaparte’s advice without opposing.

But, on the other hand, the opponent members complain angrily, insult, and shout down Bonaparte, threatening to declare him outside the law, which would have led to his quick arrest.

While the members argued in great confusion inside, Lucien Bonaparte takes Napoleon Bonaparte outside. He tells the standing soldiers that the deputies had tried to assassinate Bonaparte. The soldiers, furious, invade the meeting hall and chase out the deputies at the point of spikes.

In the absence of the opposition deputies, Bonaparte and the other parliamentary commissions like brother Bonaparte, Sieyès, and Duclos as the provisional consuls form a new government on the 9th of November.

Napoleon Bonaparte puts an end to the Directory Rule and appointing himself France’s “First ConsulAn official appointed by a state to protect the state’s citizens and matters.,” at that time was the effective dictator, Berthier as minister of War, Talleyrand in charge of foreign relations, Fouché as minister of Police, and Cambacérès as minister of Justice.

By the end of the day, Paris was entirely under the control of Napoleon Bonaparte and officers loyal to him.

French Revolution Timeline
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