Reign of terror.

Execution of Robespierre Enemies.

March 13: Saint-Just, President of the Convention, charges a conspiracy against liberty and the French people. Famous leaders like General Hoche and many journalists like Jacques-René Hébert, as well as the members of the Cordeliers Club, were arrested. The Girondins, it was those called the “exaggerated” who were also arrested.

March 15: The Public Health Committee led by Robespierre detains the leaders of the most radical sector of the revolution.

March 24: Hébert and the leaders of the Cordeliers were condemned to death and guillotined along with the other leaders.

March 27: Condorcet, a philosopher and mathematician was arrested. He was found dead in his cell two days later.

The exaggerated eliminated. It was the faction of the “indulgent” which was targeted. Jacques Danton, and journalist Desmoulins were arrested on March 30. Danton had been advised to flee; he had refused.

Robespierre practically became the dictator of France.

French Revolution Timeline
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