Law of 22 Prairial Great terror

The Great Terror.

The Convention speeds up the trials and execution procedures of those arrested. Witnesses were no longer required to prove. The Convention also gives itself the exclusive right to arrest its own committee members.

The victims were intended for the guillotine from June 11 to July 27 in 50 to 60 groups at a time.

Around 1,376 prisoners are sentenced to death, with no discharges, compared with 1,251 death sentences in the previous fourteen months. An estimated 2,750 people were executed, the vast majority of whom were poor.

Apparently, this law planned by Couthon, on the side of Robespierre, was expected to start a decrease in executions by strengthening their control by the Committee. However, the enemies of Robespierre inside it exploited this to build the executions in his absence, and he makes them carry the responsibility.

June 29: Dispute within the Committee of Public Safety. Famous members like Billaud-Varenne, Carnot and Collot d’Herbois accuse Robespierre of behaving like a dictator.

French Revolution Timeline
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