national convention

National Convention – the founding of the Republic.

New elections to the Assembly was organized after the arrest of Louis XVI. These were the first elections; although only ten percent of the French exercise their right to vote, it is the first parliament in history elected by universal male suffrageIt was a form of voting rights where adult male citizens within a political system were allowed to vote, regardless of religion, race, income, property or any other qualification. The slogan sometimes summarizes it, “one man, one vote”..

The new Assembly takes the name of “National Convention”. The Convention meets, declares the Monarchy ended. The first Republic in the history of France was proclaimed on September 21st, 1792.

Power is no longer inherited. From the start of the Convention, the deputies were divided between the moderate revolutionaries (the GirondinsThe Girondins were active in the Legislative Assembly and the National Convention. Together with the Montagnards, they initially were part of the Jacobin movement.) on the one hand and the radical deputies (the MontagnardsThe Montagnards were members of the National Convention and a part of the Jacobin club. They were the most radical group and opposed the Girondins.) on the other.



French Revolution Timeline
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