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What was the immediate cause of the French revolution?

The financial crisis of the government was the immediate cause of the French revolution, which was brought about by participation in the events of the American Revolution. The crops were also failing, and too much grain was being exported, causing famine and unrest among the general population as well.

Brief Explanation of the Immediate cause of the French revolution

The financial crisis that occurred during the French Revolution was caused by several reasons, including: First and foremost, the cost of living had increased significantly while wages had remained the same. This meant that people had less disposable money and were unable to manage unexpected expenses.

The majority of the taxes were placed on the poor, while the rich paid very little in tax. This led to anger among those who were struggling to make ends meet because they had to pay more than the rich.

The wealthy aristocracy maintained control of the government through the voting system, while the poor had little influence over how it was run. This caused irritation and dissatisfaction among those who felt they weren’t being fairly represented.

Government spending was another cause of the financial crisis. The government was spending more than it earned in taxes, resulting in debt accumulation. As a result of this, the interest payments increased, putting even more pressure on the government’s finances.

Finally, a series of bad harvests. This meant less food was available, and food prices rose sharply. This puts even more pressure on people’s finances and causes widespread hunger and malnutrition.

Finally, the involvement in the war of independence in America put a strain on the country’s resources, both financial and human. This meant that there was less money to go around, and people were being taxed heavily to pay for it.

This created economic problems for France and made it difficult for the government to pay its debts. It had reached approximately two billion livres (French currency).

All of these factors combined to create a perfect storm that led to the breakout of the French Revolution. The financial crisis was the immediate trigger, but the underlying causes were a combination of long-term factors that had been building up for years.

In this way, financial embarrassment took to a perfect storm that resulted in the financial ruin of many common people in France.

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